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Who am I?

Is knowing who I am really that important?

Will it change the way you evaluate my opinions? It shouldn’t, but probably would.

I’m not really going to share much about my age, race, ethnicity or family situation.

You can probably work out that I’m a male living in Australia. If you read enough of my posts you will get a better feel of who I am.

What I will tell you is that I did not grow up in a traditional family situation. It was not an entirely happy childhood, but I decide long ago that it would not define me. I learned to question what was around me and quickly realised that I do not look at the world the way other people do. I tend not to take absolute positions on anything but let myself be swayed by the facts. Some may think this means I’m wishy-washy but I think if you can’t change your opinion in the face of overwhelming information to the contrary then you are stubborn and pig headed. I’ll be honest, sometimes I struggle to let go of my preconceptions.

What will I post on here? Well, pretty much anything that I find interesting or, in my opinion, needs voicing. I won’t be simply regurgitating other people’s opinions. There are plenty of other people that are already doing that. Somethings will be serious, some ridiculous and some simply whimsical. Basically, whatever captures my interest.

Come for the ride or don’t, it’s up to you.

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